Wooden Grinder Jar

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The Marley Natural Grinder is responsibly sourced, well-designed, and durable. It's wooden accents are made from sustainable American Black Walnut. Not only is it a wonderful grinder, but also a beautiful storage jar.

The Grinder portion of this 4 piece wonder uses 27 teeth constructed of high quality anodized aluminum. The teeth can be turned continuously to produce fluffy flowers with volume and texture, or rotated back and forth to yield a finer grind to your buds.

A clear, shatterproof polycarbonate window lets you see your progress while making a great storage container when not in use. Your kief collects below in a removable magnetic collector, with a stainless steel scraper to collect these crystals for a more potent smoke or a variety of other uses.


This product is intended for tobacco or natural uncontrolled substance herb use only.