King Palm 'Retail Display' Natural Leaf Mini Rolls - Fruit Passion

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The King Palm Flavored Mini Rolls are perfect for fast and easy joint preparation, with no mess. These natural-leaf wraps are perfect for the cannabis smoker who still hasn’t perfected how to roll a joint. Just fill the wrap with your herb, pack it with the wooden tamper (included in each two-pack), and light up. 

There’s no need to split King Palm’s Mini Rolls, you don’t have to lick them – these wraps are built for speed, and they take all the work out of all-natural smoke session.

Squeeze & Pop: When you smoke a King Palm Flavors wrap, just squeeze the red band around the corn husk tip at its base for a smooth, clean pop of Fruit Passion flavor. 

The leaves: King Palm’s natural leaf rolls are slow-burning, hand-made, bio-degradable, and sustainable; grown on a collective of farms across Southeast Asia. The leaves burn extra slow and contain no added chemicals or tobacco. What's left is a smooth burning, full-flavored smokable packed with your favorite herbs.

This product is intended for tobacco or legal herb use only.


Paper Length (mm)


Carton Dimensions

4.2" x 4.2" x 5.75"



Leaves Per Pack

2 rolls and wooden tamper

Packs per Carton


Paper Color

Green natural leaf


Fruit Passion