Crop Kingz 'Retail Display' Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps - Irish Cream

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You’re smoking the best so why not make sure you’re rolling it up with the best? Crop Kingz premium organic hemp wraps are made in America and feature a self-sealing glue strip. Their specially formulated glue strips are easy to use, super sticky & made of non-toxic Arabic gum. Crop Kingz top-shelf wraps won't crack or dry out. Each batch is rigorously tested to ensure Phase 3 compliance. 


Quit licking around. Start rolling like a King.


  • 15 Packs - Per Display Box
  • 2 Wraps - Per Pouch
  • Self-Sealing Non-Toxic Adhesive Arabic Gum
  • Made in America
  • Certified Organic Hemp
  • Flavors: Irish Cream
This product is intended for tobacco or legal herb use only.